Update on Vaccinations February 4th

 Rita Garnett has asked me to pass on this message to HRA members:-

 Yesterday it became apparent that those who had received letters from the National Centre were being offered ridiculous slots in places as far away as Southampton and Swindon. I have been informed that the St Helena's Hospice Hub is not on their list as it is a GP run facility. Holland Pharmacy is part of the National system!!  I understand that Clacton Hospital will also be on the National list.

Having spoken to the powers that be I have been told that patients that are part of the Clacton Community Practices (which includes Frinton Road and Epping Close) should not panic, they will be contacted by the local organisers and offered a local appointment (even if they have had the national letter).

 There are now plans to start some vaccinations in local surgeries. Watch this space. 

 Rita Garnett

 HRA Surgery Rep.


11:55, 19 Feb 2021 by andrew dunnett