Hello to All,

My name is Debbie Lamb and live and work in Holland on Sea.

I was thrilled to be asked to join HRA to get involved with the Wellbeing in our local community. Mental Health and Wellbeing are both close to my heart.

I am very family oriented, and is my top priority. My hobbies are walking my dogs along the sea front, I like to read and love to do gardening, yoga class online and doing Mindfulness.

Hopefully, in the very near future, when we are all allowed to all meet again, I would like to arrange a few Wellbeing Events and bring together other therapists in the area. In the meantime I would like to offer a few tips whilst being at home, whether you are self isolating or just unable to get out.

Posture for home working at a desk: (Please note you must always contact your doctor in all matters and do your own research)

Setting up an ergonomic workstation is the key to adopting the right posture. Here are some tips for you to have a look at.

1)     Look at the height of your desk. Look at the height of your laptop or monitor. You may need to raise it at height of the laptop/monitor to eye level.

2)     Try to stand up and work if possible.

3)     Ensure you have the right mouse for your keyboard.

4)     When sitting on your chair, ensure to have your knees comfortably bent at 90 degrees. This should help to ease pressure to the back. Check the height of chair and adjust to make it comfortable. Ensure not to slouch forward.

5)     Take intervals away from the screen or workplace, move around or maybe do some yoga stretching exercises to help with your back, shoulders, and neck.

The NHS online web site have helpful exercise for you to download.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

To contact me call email debbie.lamb3@hotmail.co.uk or mobile 07949774244