While the current Covid 19 emergency exists the normal printing and house to house distribution of the HRA quarterly magazine will be suspended. The Committee has taken this decision reluctantly in the belief that the delivery of printed material through letter boxes may pose some risk. However the magazine will continue to be produced but for the duration of the crisis it will only be available online as a downloadable pdf file and as a digital magazine. The magazine will continue to carry the adverts of local businesses as normal but because there will be no printing and distribution costs this will be given as a free service to the local businesses that have supported the HRA in the past and we hope will continue to do so when the printed version of the magazine recommences when ‘normal’ times return – hopefully later in the year.

The magazine will appear on this website. All members of the HRA for whom we have an email address will be alerted when the magazine is available and in addition a link will be put on various Messageboard or Facebook pages that operate independently.

For any enquiries regarding the magazine please contact andrew.dunnett@live.co.uk <andrew.dunnett@live.co.uk>

To view the June edition of the digital version of the magazine please click here HRA Magazine - Summer Edition 2020




The Holland Residents Association

The Association, which first met in 1926 in a garage, was set up to ensure that the needs of the residents were acknowledged and acted upon by the local and county councils.This work continues under a progressive forward thinking committee ably supported by our local County Councillor.  Regular communication and social activities feature in the Associations work assisted by a quarterly magazine and website. Lively communication is encouraged from all sections of the community so that we act in concert with each other, and in strength, to achieve what is best for Holland on Sea and its residents. 

HRA is a member of The National Organisation of Residents Associations

Other groups we work with include:

 Patient Participation Group Frinton Road Surger

The Beach Hut Owners Association.


HRA Executive Committee

Hon. President: Colin Sargeant

        Hon.Chair: Maureen Humphreys      

  Hon Treasurer: Andrew Dunnett  

Hon.Secretary:  Gilly Wilson

Minutes Secretary:  Raymond Humphreys

Sea Fronts and Open Spaces:   Vacant

Planning: Andy Baker

Trade and Commerce:   Maureen Humphreys

Health and Well Being:  Rita Garnett

Social Secretary:  Gilly Wilson

Highways  & Transport:  Andy Baker




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