a)      The Association shall be called “The Holland-on-Sea Residents’ Association”, and referred to as “The Association” in the following rules

b)      The objects of The Association are:

  1. To safeguard the interests of residents
  2. To discuss matters of local interest and to afford members an opportunity of expressing their views thereon
  3. To give Councillors opportunities of meeting and ascertaining the wishes of the residents
  4. To suggest improvements, financial and otherwise, in public administration and affairs and to stimulate more interest therein
  5. To support suitable and proper candidates, who shall be members of The Association, for election to the Local Authorities and other bodies

c)      The Association shall be non-political, non-sectarian and not-for-profit; neither the name, officials, nor property shall be used to aid, countenance or further any party-political or sectarian object whatever.  However, nothing in this Rule shall operate to interfere with the power of The Association as specified in Rule above, or prevent The Association from nominating, sponsoring or supporting candidates approved by The Association for election to Local Authorities or other bodies. The Executive Committee may, by a simple majority vote, if it so decides, register itself with the Electoral Commission so that the name of The Association can be included on Ballot papers next to the candidates’ names in Local Authority elections. This registration in no way affects the apolitical nature of The Association.


a)      All residents and owners of businesses in Holland-on-Sea, shall be eligible to become Full Members of The Association.  Full Members shall be entitled to one vote per household at Public and Annual General Meetings.

b)      Every applicant, if eligible, shall be enrolled on the List of Full Members on payment of the annual current subscription, and shall be issued on request with a copy of these Rules. 

c)      Residents of other districts of Tendring shall, subject to their application for membership being approved by The Association’s Executive Committee, be eligible to become Associate Members and enrolled on the List of Members of The Association and shall pay the annual subscription set out in Rule 3. However, Associate Members will not have the right to vote at any Public or Annual General Meetings.

d)      The Executive Committee may refuse to admit to its membership or terminate the membership of any person who uses his or her membership for the benefit of any political organisation or for personal gain, or whose actions and/or public statements appear, to the Executive Committee, to conflict with the Aims and Objectives of The Association, and/or, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, bring or are likely to bring The Association into public disrepute.


a)      The annual subscription shall be any amount the Full or Associate Member may desire to subscribe subject to a minimum which, following consideration of a recommendation thereon by the Executive Committee, may be determined at a Quarterly or other General Meeting of members by a simple majority of Full Members then present and voting.

b)      Subscriptions are payable annually. All Full Members whose subscriptions have not been paid will be ineligible to propose, second or vote upon motions at General Meetings of The Association.


a)      The affairs of The Association shall be managed by the Executive consisting of the President, Chairman, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary and such other positions as detailed in Appendix 1. of these rules.

b)      At the Annual General Meeting all the officers and members of the Executive Committee, other than the President, shall retire but be eligible for re-election without nomination.

c)      Any Two Full Members of The Association may propose any other candidate or candidates for office by notice in writing to the Hon. Secretary or the Chairman not less than seven clear days prior to the Annual General Meeting, such written nominations being endorsed with the written consent of the nominees.

d)      The Executive Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting shall themselves elect a Chairman (and Vice Chairman if required) at the next Executive Committee meeting.


a)      The Executive Committee shall in conducting its business have a quorum of not less than two-thirds of its posts currently filled.

b)      In all matters where a vote is taken, should that vote be equal then the Chairman will have a casting vote.

c)      Any member of the Committee failing to attend three properly convened consecutive meetings of the Committee, unless a satisfactory reason is given for non-attendance, shall cease to be a member thereof, but shall be eligible for re-election.

d)      The Executive Committee shall have power to fill any vacancy remaining after the annual elections or any which arise during the year.

e)      All Officers of The Association are honorary and all officially sponsored Local Government Councillors may be invited to attend Executive Committee meetings.

f)       No member of The Association holding office or being engaged in the affairs of any national party-political organisation shall be eligible to serve on the Committee.

g)      The Executive Committee shall, from its members, form such sub-committees and working parties as may be considered desirable. The objects and terms of reference of each sub-committee and working party shall be approved by the Executive Committee.

h)      Any sub-committee or working party must contain at least one member of the Executive, the remaining members can be anyone in the community as deemed appropriate.

i)        Any outcomes from the sub-committees and working parties must be presented to the Executive for its determination/ratification.

j)        The Executive Committee shall have power to engage the services of professional and other advisers as required, to be paid for out of the funds of The Association.


a)      The Annual General Meeting of The Association shall be held in April each year on a date to be fixed by the Executive Committee.

b)      Any Full Member of The Association as set out in Rule 2 may submit a motion for consideration at the AGM. Any such motion must be seconded by another Full Member and submitted in writing to the Hon. Secretary or Chairman not less than seven clear days prior to the AGM.

c)      Public or General Meetings shall be held in every quarter thereafter and/or at other times as decided by the Executive Committee.

d)      Voting at Public and General Meetings, subject to the eligibility of members under Rule 2a, shall be decided by a show of hands or, alternatively, by ballot if so ruled by the Chairman.

e)      On a written request from thirty Full and paid-up Members for the current year, being made to the Hon. Secretary or Chairman, the Executive Committee shall summon a Special General Meeting of the members of The Association as soon as possible, by Public Notice, to discuss the specific matter for which the meeting has been convened.


a)      All subscriptions and other monies received on behalf of The Association shall be paid over to the Hon. Treasurer, who shall deposit the same with The Association’s Bankers or with a Building Society, Trustees Savings Bank or in a National Savings Bank Account.

b)      The Hon. Treasurer shall pay all accounts by cheque or BACS.

c)      No order shall be given pledging the credit of The Association without the direct or implied authority of the Executive Committee.

d)      Officers and Committee members shall be entitled to reimbursement of sums and expenses properly incurred on behalf of The Association.

e)      Cheques drawn on The Association’s Bankers and withdrawals from such other accounts detailed in 7a) above shall be signed by a minimum of two signatories including the Chairman, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary or any other person mandated by the Executive Committee.

f)       The Association’s financial year shall end on March 31st. A statement of the year’s accounts shall be presented to the Annual General Meeting by the Hon. Treasurer. The accounts shall be audited by an Hon. Auditor, who may be a Full member of The Association but not an officer or member of the Executive Committee.


a)      Any Full Member of The Association as set out in Rule 2, is eligible for nomination to receive The Association’s support as prospective candidate in the District Council or County Council elections, providing they have been Full Members for at least twelve months, and are not active members of any national party-political organisation.

b)      Nominations from Full Members wishing to be The Association’s prospective candidates, must be received by the Hon. Secretary or the Chairman not later than 1st November of the preceding year in which the regular periodic election is to take place.

c)      Invitations for nominations may, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, be advertised during no less than two weeks prior to the closing date. The Executive Committee will consider the nominations received and decide which prospective candidates are to be supported or sponsored by The Association.

d)      At other times, or in respect of elections arising, the procedure for the invitation and selection of The Association’s candidates shall be decided by the Executive Committee as they may from time to time determine.


a)      All officers and members of the Executive Committee and any sub-committees thereof shall be jointly and severally indemnified by The Association against all claims of any nature whatsoever made against them, or charges or expenditure incurred, arising directly or indirectly out of any action taken in accordance with, or furtherance of the instructions, or with the approval of the Executive Committee or of any of its duly constituted sub-committees having delegated powers.

b)      The officers shall accordingly be empowered to effect in the name of The Association any necessary insurance or indemnity cover in pursuance of the foregoing rule or have cover against such other risks as the Executive Committee might from time to time deem to be necessary.

c)      The Executive Committee shall have full power to deal with any matter which may arise which is not specifically provided for within the scope of these rules.

d)      These rules shall not be formally added to, altered or annulled except at the Annual General Meeting or a Quarterly Public Meeting. Any Full Member proposing an alteration of the rules shall give the Hon. Secretary or Chairman full details not less than forty-two clear days prior to such a meeting. No alteration shall be effective unless at least two-thirds of the members present and eligible to vote under Rule 2a vote in favour of the resolution.

e)      Should the Executive deem it essential to amend, add or remove a rule from the Rules and Constitution during the year in office, this must be reported at the subsequent Quarterly Public Meeting, and presented at the Annual General Meeting to be voted upon, in accordance with Rule 6c.


Executive Committee Roles



Hon. Treasurer

Hon. Secretary

Minutes Secretary


Highways & Transport

Health & Wellbeing

Trade & Commerce

Seafront & Open Spaces

Public Relations

Social Secretary