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HRA Magazine - Summer Edition 2021

HRA Magazine - Spring Edition 2021

Previous editions

HRA Magazine - Winter Edition 2020

HRA Magazine - Autumn Edition 2020

HRA Magazine - Summer Edition 2020  online only. During the Covid 19 emergency of the early Summer 2020 the normal printing and house to house distribution of the HRA quarterly magazine was suspended. The Committee took this decision in the belief that the delivery of printed material through letter boxes may have posed some risk. However the magazine was available online as a downloadable pdf file and as a digital magazine. It carried the adverts of local businesses as normal but because there was no printing and distribution costs this was given as a free service to the local businesses. This applies only to the Summer 2020 edition.

HRA Magazine - Spring Edition 2020 - 

HRA Magazine - Winter Edition 2019

HRA Magazine - Autumn Edition 2019

HRA Magazine - Spring Edition 2019

HRA Magazine - Winter Edition 2018

HRA Magazine - Autumn Edition 2018

HRA Magazine - Summer Edition 2018

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