Well the weather was kind to us so we were extremely fortunate for our first community garage sale.

Being a step into the unknown we had no idea what sort of reception the sale would get.  Following the tremendous number of applicants wishing to sell we had to hope that the buyers turned out in sufficient numbers.  It appears they did!  Most reports so far indicate that the majority of stalls did well.  Obviously some locations fared better than others, but virtually everyone thought the day was a huge success.

This has given us the incentive to try again and perhaps make this an annual event.

Thanks must go to the committee members responsible for organising the whole thing and making it such a success.

Special thanks to Omega Estate Agents and SPS Pools and Spas for collecting all the application forms and monies.  Also thanks to the same two businesses plus the Library, Co-op and Kings Avenue Post Office for help in distributing maps showing the location of all the stalls.

00:00, 03 Jun 2018 by andrew dunnett