It is with great sadness that we have to report that Holland on Sea resident and HRA Executive Committee member Trevor Bright passed away, following a cardiac arrest whilst on holiday in Fuerteventura with his wife Jackie.


Trevor was born in 1953 and came from a local family, his grandfather working for the railways at Frinton and his father being with the local constabulary until his  retirement from the force when he became a magistrates’ clerk at Clacton Court.


Trevor had the “privilege” of christening the new concrete footbridge at Frinton station in 1957 when, at 4½ years old, he was the first person to “toddle” across the new bridge.  In 2012 Trevor was the last person to shut the old Frinton Gates when they were erected in the station entrance as a monument to this iconic    feature that guarded the entrance to Frinton.


Trevor was married to Jackie in September 1976 and, not long after, his job as a project manager in the oil business took the two of them to the Gulf where they lived for a number of years.  Returning to this country, they settled down to have a family – Julia and Maria and whilst work could have taken him to far reaching places he resisted as he wanted to ensure that his children had a consistent    education.


Trevor retired not that long ago from his career with British Petroleum and lived in Canterbury Road where he and Jackie settled into their new roles as proud grandparents.  He was both a fit and active man, being a keen golfer and a member of the Frinton and Walton Heritage Trust.  He joined the Holland Residents’ Association Executive Committee and took on the mantle of planning, making sure that any applications for the area were appropriate.  Trevor’s commitment and dedication to the role saw the Committee and, more importantly, the community of     Holland on Sea in safe hands; his ability to tease-out all the issues on a controversial planning application and home-in on the very strong reasons for refusal was second to none.


But most of all, Trevor was just a “good guy”, great company, enthusiastic and committed and a lovely person to know.  Holland on Sea will be worse off for his premature departure, and we shall all miss him.


Our thoughts are with Jackie, Julia, Maria, his grandchildren, and family as a whole at this sad time.

The Chairman and members of the Executive Committee,

Holland Residents’ Association

00:00, 25 Feb 2017 by andrew dunnett