Please can we remind everyone to be considerate residents by NOT parking on double yellow lines or even on the pavement in Frinton Road and blocking the way for others.  Pavements are for pedestrians not motor vehicles.

There are a number of very convenient parking bays in Frinton Road and in the car park in Ipswich Road.  In addition, thanks to the Roaring Donkey management's very kind gesture following approaches from the HRA, people can park between 6am and 10am in its car park for FREE!!!

We are so fortunate to have our thriving village and its shopping parades  - it would be a great pity if it was locals who continued to be inconsiderate in parking.

Parking Services have informed the HRA that it is to significantly increase the frequency of inspection by its parking enforcement staff.

00:00, 01 Oct 2016 by andrew dunnett