A group of Holland on Sea residents spent last Sunday (7th August) morning cutting back, and tidying-up, Sea Lane, the footpath that runs from Holland Road through to the seafront. 

The idea of a Holland on Sea Volunteer Task Force was the brainchild of Holland on Sea Residents Association District Councillor Colin Winfield, and this was the very first project. 

Councillor Winfield explained “Last year when properties at Keswick Avenue in Holland got flooded I asked if anybody in the community would lend a hand to clear the blocked culvert and overgrown ditch that were the cause of the problem.  I had such a great response that it occurred to me that a Volunteer Task Force could tackle a number of projects in Holland on Sea.”

Over 40 residents turned-up to take part, bringing with them their own hand tools, and it wasn’t long before there was a noticeable difference.  Holland Residents Association County Councillor Colin Sargeant worked with Essex County Council to progress the scheme and Councillor Winfield liaised with Tendring District Council to remove the piles of vegetation which were piled-up at strategic points.

Councillor Winfield was very pleased with the response “The residents of Holland on Sea are very proud of their village and Sunday’s exercise demonstrated the strong community spirit that exists.  We all realise the enormous financial cut-backs that every local authority is having to cope with, but by involving the residents in doing some improvements in the area means everyone’s a winner, and strengthens our community pride.”

The next project the Holland on Sea Volunteer Task Force plan to tackle is the tidying up of Pickers Ditch by the footpath that leads from Slade Road to Keswick Avenue.  The Group will be undertaking the work on Sunday 11 September between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

sea lane 1.jpg

some of the residents of Holland on Sea that took part in tidying-up Sea Lane

sea lane 2.jpg

Work gets underway at Sea Lane

Sea lane 3.jpg

The result of their hard work – a clear attractive footpath leading to the sea

00:00, 11 Aug 2016 by andrew dunnett