A councillor’s work is never done, and just when you think there might be a slight break in the pressure, along comes something else.  The Local Plan issue rumbles on, and if we don’t fight the government dictate for huge increase in residential development then we are not looking after the long-term interests of the community we represent.  Then there is the boundary commission review which will see fewer councillors; who then will be representing the huge increase in numbers of residents (if the Local Plan should allow mass development)?   We are also facing the challenge of Sladbury’s Lane all over again.  The stalwart people of Sladbury’s Lane are relying on us to get this application turned down and we will hopefully not fail them.


The Holland Residents Association has now grown and, I feel, deserves more of a Chair’s time.  After Mary Bragg passed away I took on the job and am extremely proud of our achievements.  When our residents have come to us for help we have stood up to the challenge.  But now I feel it is time to stand-down as Chair of the Association in order to focus on my role as Councillor, and Group Leader of the HRA.  In this capacity I shall remain an active member of the HRA Executive Committee and look forward to continuing to serve the wonderful community of Holland on Sea.  I proposed that Richard Walker take over the role of Chair and am pleased that he got the full backing of the Committee, and he will be introducing himself in the summer edition of the HRA Magazine.  With your support, as a resident of Holland, I know we can maintain this very special corner of North-East Essex, and look forward to continuing to work with Richard and the rest of the Committee to protect our village.


Joy Broderick

00:00, 24 Jun 2016 by andrew dunnett