Our next quarterly meeting will be held in April 2016 at the Public Hall in Frinton Road commencing at 7.30pm. 

Our January meeting was well attended, the main speaker being Paul Hinsley, an Essex County Council officer who explained a new  initiative called Energy Switch which aims to show us all how to save money on gas and electricity bills.




We wish all Holland Residents a happy, prosperous and healthy 2016 and thank you all for the support given to our Association and Local Councillors throughout 2015.



We need your help


Tendring District council has recently completed the wonderful coast protection works which not only protects our village but has provided magnificent beaches. However, for every good thing there seems to be a bad side.

Around a year ago the Council tried to adopt a Local Development Order (LDO) which would have given TDC the power to allow development of commercial activity and buildings along the seafront, anywhere seaward side of Kings Parade, including the greensward, without the need to seek planning permission. Well, we fought and won that battle but that was not the end.

The council has now come forward with a list of potential projects to be investigated that would impact on Holland-on-Sea and the seafront in particular. these include:

  • An arts and entertainment venue
  • A signature restaurant
  • Commercial premises that would be available for a business associated with water sports
  • The repositioning of the public toilets at Holland Haven
  • A new bridleway
  • A possible "glamping" type site
  • An arts/sculpture trail
  • A development of a small number of aspirational homes
  • A cafe on the greensward at Star Point

The one that is being pushed along at an alarming rate is the cafe at Star Point (opposite Hazelmere Road). This would set a precedent for future commercial development on the greensward. There are already two beach cafes and two restaurants in the immediate vicinity so this cafe is not needed and, If it was approved and subsequently failed, the building might well be used for another purpose, anything from a drop-in-centre to a residential home.

Holland-on-Sea should welcome appropriate and well-thought-out opportunities on the seafront itself but we must resist any development on our precious greensward which, if we do nothing, could be swallowd up by commercial and residential development.

The Holland-on-Sea Residents Association need to demonstrate to Tendring District Council that it will not accept development on our greenswards. If you agree, please send your objection to the proposed cafe development by writing to CouncillorJoy Broderick at 43 The Espanade, Holland-on-Sea, CO15 5TU or by Email to joybroderick.43@gmail.com. Alternatively, you can drop in your written objection to Colin's Hairdressers in Stratford Road.

Thank you




Police forces have become aware of a fraud circulating targeting elderly and vulnerable members of the community. Some older people have received telephone calls from a caller who purports to be from the GP surgery and is asking for an appointment to discuss the persons mobility needs.

During the appointment, the older person is persuaded to buy mobility aids which are
either unnecessary or inappropriate and always expensive.
If you receive a call like this, please check with your GP surgery first before agreeing to a visit.


  Storm Cowboys Warning 


Householders are being advised by Essex County Council Trading Standards against using cowboy builders or rogue traders if their houses or fences have been damaged by the recent storms and high winds.
Legitimate builders, plumbers, carpenters and other craftsmen will be working at full stretch and Trading Standards is concerned that dishonest traders will take advantage of the situation to rip off vulnerable residents.
Traders who knock on your door or leaflet you may provide you with a false address or a pay as you go mobile number which cannot be traced.
Trading Standards advise people to speak to their insurance companies before engaging anyone to carry out repair work and to approach businesses approved by the insurers.
In the case of flood damage, electricity and gas companies may be able to make free inspections and advise on safety work.
If your house or property has been damaged by the recent storm the last thing you need is a rogue trader adding to the problem. They recommend using one of their Buy with Confidence traders, who have been audited and approved by Trading Standards
You can find a Buy with Confidence trader or obtain advice and guidance on any consumer issue by calling the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 03454 040506, who handle calls for Trading Standards or look on


We would also urge residents to ensure that family, friends and neighbours are not ripped off by rogue or doorstep traders.







We welcome Brian Thomasson as the new President of the Residents Association. 

Brian is well known in the area having moved to Holland in 1988 following his retirement as a bank personnel manager. 

He soon joined the Residents’ Association and was subsequently invited to stand in the St. Bartholomew’s by-election; following the death of the sitting councillor. Duly elected, Brian served on the council for 14 years  becoming Vice Chairman and Chairman for the millennium years 1999-2001. 

Brian has served on the fundraising committee of St. Helena Hospice and Tendring Day Centre and is a trustee of Community Voluntary Services Tendring. He produced the green A4 newsletter (forerunner of today's quarterly magazine)  for many years, introducing paid advertisements to cover the costs of production and delivery to every household in Holland.


 Vera Doughty


Vera Doughty,  a stalwart of our local community has died at the age of 93.  Vera was well known in the Holland on Sea area, For 29 years she held the post of  Treasurer of the Holland Residents' Association retiring from this role in 2008  when she was appointed as the organisation's President, a post she still held.  In addition to this Vera was a founder member of the local Neighbourhood Watch group looking out for her neighbours and advising on any problems known in the area.  In 2011 Vera received an invitation to attend a garden party at Buckingham Palace in recognition of her tireless work with Family Support in Clacton over more than 30 years.  Many will remember Vera, in past years,  walking around the streets of Holland to collect membership subscriptions for the Residents' Association plus more miles walked to collect payment for advertisements in the newsletter which she also helped to deliver.  This was a life spent selflessly  serving her local community and Vera will be missed by many and also earned sincere thanks for all the years that she served in the various organisations.




A donation of £100 was sent by the Holland Residents Association to the Nepal Earthquake appeal and the following letter of thanks was received on 12th June 2015.

Subject: CNS Nepal Earthquake Appeal Fund Collection

Dear Members and Generous Donors

On behalf of the society, I am pleased to inform you record of your contribution for our Nepal Earthquake Appeal. Full details information is found in attachment. 

We would like to take this opportunity to  Thank all generous individual donors and volunteers for your support to our efort. Our Thank must also go, on behalf of members, to Treasurer Mr Chitraj Limbu for coordinating and Advisor Mr Yubraj Khatri for initiating the idea. 

We are planning a meeting with all members in two weeks time which will be notified soon with further details. All members are welcome.

Best regards

Chitraraj Limbu


Colchester Nepalese Society (CNS)

Charity Registred Number 1152926




Unfortunately people continue to fall prey to unscrupulous criminals posing as legitimate traders.  This can be costly and traumatic.  Below is a message received from Essex Police who are keen to hear from anyone who has suspicions about work being carried out in the area. 


"Seasonally Essex Police recognise that Rogue doorstep traders descend
on the vulnerable in society and on occasion exploit them into giving up monies for work not required or pay excessively too much for work carried out.

We are working with trading standards on the issue and ask residents to be diligent about activity in their street and report any suspicious activity to Police

Essex Police are very keen to find out about any current works taking placethat raise concern.

Ps 1998 Pete GERARD can be contacted on 1998@essex.pnn.police.uk or
dialling 101 and leaving a message"




7th MAY 2015



joysmall colinsmall kingsmall

Leader of the

Holland Residents Council Group

Cllr. Joy Broderick

Cllr. Colin Winfield

Cllr. KT King








Extra bins have been provided at new beaches at Holland-on-Sea in a response to public demand. 

The beaches have proved a big hit with residents and visitors alike and the aim is to keep them as clean as possible for all users. 

Tendring District Council (TDC) previously had an issue which meant contractor’s vehicles were unable to get to parts of the Lower Promenade to be able to empty the containers. 

This led to fewer bins being installed in that area but the problems have been looked at again and overcome where possible. 

Now an extra dozen bins have been put between The Haven and Fernwood Avenue and other bins will be replaced with wheelie bins to improve their capacity. 

Some have been installed on the Lower Promenade, while others have been placed on the Upper Promenade. 

The bins can be used for normal waste - but can also be used for dog mess provided it is properly wrapped. 

Nigel Brown, TDC’s Communications Manager, said the Council has listened to residents’ views on the subject. 

There has been a great deal of debate concerning keeping the new beaches clean – which is in everyone’s interest,” he said. 

We have revisited the situation and found a way that we can empty bins which were previously inaccessible for the contractors. 

The measures were taken in time for the Easter weekend and extra cleaning has also taken place on the new beaches.” 

Mr Brown added that TDC provides more than 1,000 litter bins and dog waste bins across the District. 





Now that some of the local beaches have been recharged many people are enjoying this great facility.  However, the sea now no longer covers the sand, even at high tide, so discarded rubbish and dog mess is not washed away.  Please help our community to keep our beaches and all public spaces clean and safe for all to enjoy.









The second phase of a major £36million coast protection scheme in Tendring got off the ground in February 2015..

The first section of the work between Holland Haven to Fernwood Avenue was recently completed with the beaches opened back up to the public.

The initiative has been well-received with thousands of people visiting the golden sands over the past week or so.

Now the programme is set to continue from Fernwood Avenue to Clacton Pier from the end of February with a planned completion at the end of the year.

It is expected that there will be some noise from the demolition works   and the level of noise will be carefully monitored.

It will involve a further 15 fishtail groynes being built and the beaches between them being recharged.

The works will take place 24/7 due to the scheme being tide dependent and it is subject to weather and sea conditions.

The promenade and beaches from Fernwood Avenue to Clacton Pier will need to be closed for safety reasons from around the end of February right through until the completion.

All the affected beach hut owners have been advised of the situation and the need to remove any items they may need this summer.

It has been decided that due to the disruption no site licences will be issued for 2015/16 - and no fees charged for those in sections A to J.

Weekly updates on the scheme are available on TDC’s website, www.tendringdc.gov.uk, and by clicking on the latest information page. It includes a time lapse video camera.

The visitor centre has been moved to the greensward opposite Hazelmere Road with opening times of 11am to 3pm and later in the summer months.

Alternatively anyone wanting more information can call 07733 776677 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday) or email clactoncoast@mottmac.com

The main contractor for the scheme is VBA Joint Venture Limited, with the programme being project managed by Mott MacDonald.

The new coastal defences will protect more than 3,000 residential and commercial properties for the next 100 years and will act as a catalyst for the renaissance of the seafront.


On Thursday 18th December 2014, Councillor Colin Winfield and HRA Committee Members Tony Rulten and Dave McFadden had a meeting with the Essex Police and Crime Commissioner, Nick Alston at Frinton. They brought to his attention the concerns of Holland residents in relation to the lack of any visible police presence in the village, and the increase in night time burglaries since the switching off of the street lights between midnight and 5am. 

It was a very positive meeting and Mr Alston agreed to take up the matter with the local police commander.  He did point out that there had been a significant decrease in the number of police officers in Essex since the goverment's austerity measures were introduced, and that there would undoubtedly be further cuts to come, which made it more difficult to maintain a level of police presence to which people had become accustomed in past years.  He was assured that this fact was recognised, but that local people were feeling increasingly insecure and concerned. Mr Alston welcomed the involvement of the committee and pledged to do all he could to see that matters improved.




At a council meeting on 11th November 2014, a formal vote was taken on the Local Development  Order  and it was agreed that the greensward and the Haven are not included.  This means that any new devopment proposed for those areas would require planning permission.

Holland residents who contributed to a fighting fund to oppose the LDO will be reimbursed in full.  The sole expenditure of £300 for a specialist consultant has been settled out of HRA funds.

Grateful thanks to all who supported and contributed to the campaign.




A seal pup brought work on a new £36 million coastal protection scheme to a grinding halt at Holland beach recently. The yearling was spotted on a sand bank where contractors were due to start their next shift building up a fish tail groyne. The shift was held back while the pup was collected from its position sitting in the sun and it was put into the back of a vehicle.

Leon Woodrow, Tendring District Council’s (TDC) Nature Conservation Officer, accompanied the seal to a spot far away from the works at the other end of Holland-on-Sea near the sluice gates. The pup was then gently put back into sea in a safer area of the beach.

Mike Badger, TDC’s Engineering Services Manager, said members of the public had also spotted the seal and had reported it to the project’s visitor information centre next to Clacton Sailing Club.

“A number of people were concerned about its safety but it had already been seen on the sand,” he said.  “Along with our contractors VBA Joint Venture Ltd we had the situation under control and called in Leon to help out. “It was a team effort and we made sure that the seal came to no harm.”




 Ipswich Road Car Park


Update November 2014

Although the new parking charges appear to have resolved the all day parking problem, several local residents have reported inconsiderate parking in the nearby roads.  If you park in these areas please take care not to obstruct the free passage of the highway or block property entrances. 

Position August 2014

Free parking at this site was introduced in 2011 but this hard-won concession has been abused by a minority of drivers who leave their vehicles there all day long and leave no spaces for short-term users.  The preferred solution to this problem was for free parking to remain but limited to 2 hours.  However, this was not possible and  blanket charges have been introduced with effect from 18th August 2014.

These are:

          Up to 1 hour  -  50p

          Up to 3 hours - £1.20

          Up to 4 hours - £3.00

          Over 4 hours  - £10.00

Parking remains free between 3pm and 8am and Tendring residents with permits can also park free of charge after 11am.  Vehicles displaying a valid disabled parking permit and clock can park free for up to 3 hours at any time but no return is allowed within 24 hours.



local plan

Comment by Councillor Mrs Joy Broderick


5 years  work   Binned.

On the 26th November 2013  the local plan  voted through Tendring District Council ended The 5 year campaign (or so we thought) to stop  Agricultural  land in Sladbury’s Lane become building land..5 years of consultations, response forms scrutiny committees, 2 Days on one committee to look at the whole thing yet again  for the final time, exhaustive examination for 5 years. Questions to the planning Boss North Essex Councillor Carlos Gugliealmi,by Mrs Chaplin of Sladbury’s Lane.   5 years,  hours and hours of work by officers,   not to mention  The 3500 strong petition collected by those same residents. All now  being looked at again because   the government, Colchester Borough Council and Essex County Council   say it’s not enough Housing. MP Eric Pickles, is now demanding another 12000 new builds.


Add to that those already agreed in the plan could mean to around 40,000 more people to accommodate.  We have just 1500 on the housing waiting list so where is the need?  There are  options for a gardens city nearer to Ipswich Colchester London where the work is  Sladbury’s Lane is not sustainable will ensure that this land remains farmland. The 3500 strong petition will also  stay on records and still carry huge weight.


This administration's well trailed "Local homes for local people" slogan (designed to quell our objections ) boasts  that  you have to live here for 5 years before you get on the Council list. This rule will mean diddle squat  for Tower Hamlets. They have 20,000 on their  waiting lists and can transfer  as many as they want  anywhere they want on a temporary ticket, how long is temporary 10/20 years?


. In order to ensure you’re your HRA councillors’ a place on the new plan committee we have set ourselves up as a separate group on the Council. We are officially now “The Holland Residents’ Group” this will ensure Holland views are represented by us.  We will not rest until we are sure that no  housing will go on Sladbury’s Lane farm land. We may at some future date need you to attend public gatherings  to support us, this is our place and  we assure you they will get the message. 



Pavements and Roads where the blame lies. Essex County Council are the ones responsible for the treacherous  condition of our pavements and roads they take our money for the repairs ….and do as little as they can get away with.


We want our lights back on. .If all the lights are being turned off between midnight and 5am, then presumably they are expecting to be working for the times that they actually are on...so there must be NOsaving in maintenance charges. Also....many street lights are on a fixed price electricity charge and not actually metered...If ECC's lights turn out not to be metered and they are still maintained then is possible that there is NO saving at all! Presumably they also now need to maintain those little devices with aerials on each light to turn them on and off, so it is possible that ECC could actually pay more for turning our lights off! This seems to raise more questions for Councillor Bass to answer...assuming that he doesn't bin all questions on the matter. Please all sign our petition at the post offices.  There are several petition being supported and we will also ask you to sign our petition at Stratford Road and Kings Avenue post offices.

Ipwich Road Car Park, For the past year we have been asking for a sign to restrict parking to 2hrs. It appears that at last this is being looked in to and we hope a result will emerge.

Shoeburyness Tremors

Equipment is going to be installed on my balcony by a monitoring company on behalf of Quinetiqe  Hopefully it will be installed early 2015, not sure what the delay is.





WEDNESDAY Coffee Mornings at the Holland Public Hall

10am to 11am

On the first Wednesday in the month Police Constable Special Officers and a Holland Councillor will be present for you to mention any problems you may want to talk about. All converstaions are kept in  strict confidence.


THE SCOUTS have a Charity Shop in Old Road Clacton on Sea and would be grateful for any unwanted items ,Furniture clothes, anything CLOSED WEDNESDAYS Call  the Shop on 01255 222979




we are a friendly club,hold social events from time to time and always looking to welcome new members.  Please note flat shoes are required. 

We Bowl

Monday 10am to 12 noon

Thursday 2pm to 4pm


Contact Vic  01255 814319

Many other clubs use Holland Public Hall and all the activities are available on the Hall Notice Boards


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